These inform my thinking and approach as a therapist. Not all these books are written for therapists. I think they are valuable for all! @ouizoid @DrAaronB any suggestions?
  1. All About Love by bell hooks
    This book is an invaluable treasure. bell takes you through the importance of resisting the racist capitalist imperialist patriarchy through a unique analysis of romantic love. To be expected, bell provides astute cultural criticism and offers liberation and healing. WHAT! I will read this book 100 times.
  2. Thoughts Without a Thinker by Mark Epstein
    Wish this dude was my therapist!! I enjoyed this when i read it for its expansiveness. I gave it to a friend who was interested in therapy and meditation, but had not yet tried either. A game changer. A wonderful exploration of how Buddhism can pick up where Western psychiatry leaves off.
  3. Freud and Beyond: a history of modern psychoanalytic thought by Mitchell and Black
    I read this in grad school. It was my first intro into relational psychotherapy and grounded me in contemporary theory. Also, Melanie Klein 😳
  4. Our Inner Conflicts by Karen Horney
    This was the first book I read by Horney, an influential psychoanalyst who broke from Freud by introducing a decidedly more feminist perspective. Her ideas about inner conflict and neurosis have been very helpful and thought provoking!
  5. An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison
    A memoir of a psychiatrist who has her first manic episode in medical school. Very intense, intimate portrait of bipolar disorder. Brilliant and captivating and normalizing.
  6. DBT Skills Manual by Marsha Linehan
    I dont think it is dramatic to say this book saves lives. Skills for living with characteristics of borderline personality disorder. Such a misunderstood and challenging issue.
  7. Trauma Stewardship by Laura van Deernoot Lipsky
    A saving grace for people working with trauma on a daily basis. Gotta take care of yourself if you want to take care of others! I check in with this all the time.