Sometimes i just mindlessly walk into a H&M and go through these contradictory feelings in about 19 minutes.
  1. Gratified
    Internalized capitalism wins again.
  2. Guilty
    I have a student loan in collections right now. So.
  3. Manic
    Yes! I have a great idea: This year i start wearing crop tops and my whole life will change for the better!!
  4. Exhausted
    "After a long day at work, i don't need to see that."
  5. Dissociated
    Who picked out this neon romper with a geometric pattern? Why am a gripping it white knuckled? How did i get here?
  6. Angry
    What the fuck is this music. Are my ears bleeding?
  7. Pleased
    Walking out the door with nothing but a new pair of socks. I needed these, and i can put off laundry one more day.