In a most desperate time, I will not even hover/squat in these places.
  1. Port Authority
    Second floor by the arcade.
  2. Any Starbucks
    Piles of wet TP on the floor and tampon applicators littered about. What's really nutty is there are more people in line for this experience than for frappachinos!
  3. Tompkins Square Park
    Across from the dog park. Walk too close and you will step in human and/or dog shit. On the right morning, maybe you can spot a dope vial! Punk's not dead!
  4. Bank of America vestibule
    On Broadway and 8th. This is not actually a bathroom but once i saw a dude laying in his own shit there
  5. Le Basket
    A bodega with outdoor seating where nasty skaters and bike messengers drink beers. Obviously the bathroom is fucking insaneeeee.