"No, no can do." Some things I consider, in no particular order.
  1. Walmart board membership/ continued relationship to Walmart
    On the Walmart board from 86-92, while it aggressively campaigned against labor unions. Also Walmart heiress Alice Walton major contributor to Hil super PAC. Also, Clinton Foundation has praised Walmart for empowering women and girls. LOL.
  2. War mongering
    Iraq (of course), supporting Israel's illegal military action and settlements in occupied territory, illegal drone warfare, cheerleader for crippling Iran sanctions, etc
  3. Support for the devastating gutting of welfare during Bill's administration
    Women and children, of course, were the primary victims of welfare reform. Feminism should be intersectional, no?
  4. As recent as 2007, in favor of mandatory sentencing practices
    Staple of the drug war, and the US mass incarceration crisis
  5. Stabbed Elizabeth Warren in the back as NY senator
    Proving her friendship to financial industry over good economic policy. Peep the New Yorker article for more on that.
  6. Political dynasty
    Enough already