Lots of podcasts, lots of sponsors have me thinkin
  1. People dont know how to feed themselves
    Kind Snacks, Blue Apron, Nature Box
  2. We all need a personal website if we wanna make it in this brave new world
    Squarespace can build you a website that makes you feel like you are actually legit!
  3. Shout out to the agoraphobic pen-pals and eBay entrepreneurs out there!!
    God forbid we leave the house to get stamps!! Stamps.com assures you that you do.not.need.to.leave.
  4. Discount codes are alluring
    For your first free month type in promo code!!!!!!!!!!
  5. We have no taste
    Many of the services offer lifestyle "curation" like trunk club. They picks out cool clothes for the fellas with no taste! Or time! Or w/e!
  6. Capitalism finally figured out it can profit off if male insecurity, too
    Shave creams, facial products, shirts that make you look cool bc you dont have to tuck them in (?)