1. "Wanderlust"
    Oh, you love traveling? Maybe thats because its fucking fun but not everyone has zero responsibility and tons of money.
  2. Fashion
    Makes me feel insecure, i donno. Crop tops and floppy hats.
  3. Staying out past 5am
    Were we not drunk enough at 3am? I'm so tired.
  4. Cigarettes
    I'm hooked! They give you cancer!
  5. iPhone 6
    My hands are small, i know.
  6. Edison bulbs in restaurants
    Enough already!!!! Looking forward to a time when people look back and think this shit was tacky.
  7. EDM
    I don't fucking get it.
  8. Obama
    So 2008.
  9. Similar to wanderlust, or saying that "traveling" is one of your "interests": saying that you are a foodie/you are really into good food and wine.
    Oh really bc I HATE DELICIOUS FOOD AND WINE that's why I never spend my money on it!
    Suggested by @stephanie