Commuting from Park Slope to the South Bronx is part of my daily life. And yet, common occurrences continue to surprise me!
  1. Standing next to or near by to the same orthodox jewish man
    We both like to lean on the doors. Always wonder if this can turn into a RomCom situation a la Sliding Doors but he never looks at me.
  2. Number of men with wedding bands
  3. Difficulty, bordering on impossibility, of drinking coffee and reading a book at the same time.
  4. Number of people that get off at 42nd st
    What are they all DOING??
  5. Number of people in general
  6. Deeply felt irritation towards condescending, cheeky ad campaigns
    Seamless and Manhattan Storage, I'm looking at you
  7. Three A trains will pass through 59th before a D comes.
    3/5 days of the week. This doesn't make any sense.
  8. People eating breakfast sandwiches, or any hot food.
    People!! No hot food underground!!
  9. When i get to 161st street by 9:00am
    I'm on time!!! Listing makes the time fly, too.