Anyone looking to hire a clinical social worker in NYC? Ughhh
  1. No more hour and fifteen minutes commute
  2. No more metal detectors
  3. Reduced interaction with NYPD/ DA/ Judges and criminal court that has sucked my soul of hope for real justice
  4. More time to be alone
  5. More time with friends
  6. (Maybe) more space for a lil romance?
    Not sure about this one
  7. I would be a risk taker/ move maker
  8. No more health insurance
    Uh oh
  9. No paid vacation days
    Ugh no
  10. Renewed sense of joy and possibility
  11. I wont be making as much money
    Will have to cancel my NYT subscription. Also no more cocktails beyond well whiskey or Budweiser. Just realizing i dont really need the NYT and i love budweiser...
  12. No more monthly metrocard
  13. Ability to see options and reshuffle priorities
  14. Friends and love ones will have to stop telling me to quit my job, because they all think I should.
  15. I will stop wondering if I should quit my job