I work at an ice cream shop and you'd think most people would just be happy to be there and enjoy the experience...you'd think wrong
  1. "Is your ice cream lactose-free?"
    because the name itself isn't that obvious
  2. Customer: "what's this?" Me: "a sundae" Customer: "ohhh...like saturday?"
    i deserve a medal for holding back laughter as well as i did
  3. "Wait, you use artificial flavours to make your cotton candy ice cream??"
    oh no im sorry i didnt realize other places used locally sourced organic cotton candy for their ice cream
  4. "Yeah hi I'll have a cone *dead stare*"
    what flavour...what size...what kind of cone....there are so many questions remaining why must you make me ask them
  5. "I'll have a raspberry cone, a banana, and a coffee"
    do not get mad at me when i give you coffee ice cream!!!! specify!!
  6. "Could you mix maple bacon, coffee, and banana flavour all together for me?"
    I can, but that doesn't meant I should
  7. "Little Jimmy needs more sprinkles on his cone can you add more thanks"
    Little Jimmy is in dire need of weight watchers, and a new prefix