1. The birds would no longer be an annoyance, but a welcome greeting
  2. I could start work earlier and never have to end at 11pm again
  3. Having my coffee at a time before noon just seems more appropriate
    coffee is not a lunchtime accompaniment, it does not compliment a tuna sandwich very well at all
  4. I wouldn't wake up to 13 text messages and 2 missed calls
    no mother im not dead, just dead to the world before 11
  5. The amount of time I could spend cooking gourmet breakfasts would result in me never having to buy stale muffins again
    french toast for daysss
  6. I would be so caught up on current affairs that people would ask me what's new in the world before they open twitter
  7. And, most importantly, id have more time for watching episodes of friends