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Both the stuff and the emotions
  1. Calculating the number of load of laundry you will do in a semester
    So you can bring just enough tide pods
  2. Everyone from your dentist to your family asking how excited you are
  3. Purging your closet
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  1. For some this was a day without women so they didn't go to work
  2. But for me I went to work just like normal
  3. Then I thought about all the inspiring women who used today as an excuse to show their voice
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I mean this in the completely jokingly! I love reading all the unboxing lists!
  1. Burt Bees Chapstick
  2. Journals/Notepads
  3. Postcards
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Inspired by @readjulia
I thought about doing a numbered list for each year you've been alive, but I didn't want to reveal your age. So here are some of my favorite things about you
  1. You are the only person I know who has a more sarcastic sense of humor than I do and I love that
  2. You always help others
    Ex: Proofing papers for me, teaching me photography, etc, etc
  3. You have taken me to some of the coolest places I have ever been
    And I love all of our adventures together
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  1. Paint my nails
    Then paint them agin because I didn't like how they looked at first
  2. Eat some queso
  3. Watch 5ish episodes of Criminal Minds
  4. Attempt to donate blood
    But fail and instead almost pass out
Feels kinda braggy (is that a real word) but 💁. In no particular order
  1. My sister complained the whole time I forced her to pose as my model
  2. This one was taken at a cemetery
  3. I took this one with @readjulia in San Francisco
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  1. A chubby Jew from the upper west side
  2. And that's all.
Better late than never
  1. Hello! My name is Rebecca
    And this is me with my cute little baby nephew
  2. I'm 17 (almost 18), a senior in high school, and live in Indiana
    And yes, the almost 18 is very important
  3. In my free time I like to watch The Office
    I have watched this show at least 5 times.
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