I have seen quite a few of these and thought it sounded fun.
  1. A lot of the others I have seen regarded the Challenger exploding
  2. I think it shows my youth that I learned about that during a history class in 6th grade
    We all got to choose our topics so my friends was about the challenger and mine was about Charles Lindbergh
  3. I don't know how they all fit together
  4. Anyway, the first major news story I remember is Barack Obama getting elected in 2008
  5. This would make me 9 years old
    I feel like I should remember something before this but, this is the first thing that popped in my head.
  6. I was in elementary school and the school held a mock election.
  7. I was very excited about it although in retrospect I'm not completely sure why. Since we were all so young each of us just voted for who out parents supported.
  8. That did not stop 4th grade me from smack talking John McCain supporters.
    It went something like this:
  9. Me: But Obama just seems nice.
  10. My Best Friend: I dunno I think I like John McCain because his hair looks like my grandpa's.
  11. At my school Obama and I lost the election.
    I was annoyed for about 15 min till I went to recess.