I thought about doing a numbered list for each year you've been alive, but I didn't want to reveal your age. So here are some of my favorite things about you
  1. You are the only person I know who has a more sarcastic sense of humor than I do and I love that
  2. You always help others
    Ex: Proofing papers for me, teaching me photography, etc, etc
  3. You have taken me to some of the coolest places I have ever been
    And I love all of our adventures together
  4. You make the best salads and always make plenty of vinaigrette
  5. You always have the best tv recommendations
    Veronica Mars, Parks and Rec, and Party Down to name a couple
  6. You always smell like a lush store.
    Which I consider one of the best possible smells
  7. You give the most thoughtful presents
    Even better than Jim Halpert
  8. We look alike
  9. Above all you will fight for the people who matter most to you