Possibly biased
  1. Pro: I don't have to face the "real world" yet
    I don't really know what this entails but, I have been warned about it
  2. Con: School lunches
    Yes, I know I can pack my own lunch. I am however, a very lazy person.
  3. Pro: I see my friends all day
  4. Con: I am constantly around 2000+ people all day
    People are fun but, not this many nor for 7 hours straight
  5. Pro: Fun classes
    Who wouldn't want to spend their day making pottery, taking photos, and working with younger kids.
  6. Con: Boring classes
    I would like to know if anyone ever in the universe has used calculus in everyday life
  7. Pro: I don't have to dress to impress
    My typical outfits consists of leggings and a t shirt
  8. Con: A stupid dress code
    I did not realize that having a showing shoulder is such a big deal