1. Hover boards
    Not yet, but those new skateboard things come kinda close.
  2. A win for the Cubs at the World Series
    They are on a winning streak...
  3. Adjustable clothes
    Unfortunately, having to shop in terms of size is still a thing. Imagine how simple life would be if you pressed a tiny button and suddenly everything fit you just right...
  4. Pepsi Perfect
    Doesn't exist yet, probably because Coke products are way closer to perfection.
  5. Jaws 19
    Thank goodness this one didn't come true, or I'd have too many nightmares to make this awesome list.
  6. Better police systems
    They had this cool facial recognition software in the movie that told you the name of the civilian and their address. These days they just gotta look at our IDs.
  7. Flying cars
    Be glad this one didn't come true. People are bad enough drivers as it is.
  8. Newspapers
    Surprisingly, the movie predicted newspapers would still be around in 2015, and they were right. My paycheck and publication thank you, Back to the Future.
  9. Fax machines
    These monsters were discarded from society for the most part. Praise. 🙌🏼
  10. Sneakers that lace themselves
    Nike is supposedly bringing these to stores near you soon, but for now Back to the Future one-upped us.
  11. Video chatting
    As if FaceTime and Skype didn't exist when this movie came out. How did we ever live?
  12. Dogs that walk thenselves
  13. Michael Jackson
    He was on the television in the cafe like he'd never left us too soon.
  14. 80's Cafe
    Why doesn't this exist.