Children are routinely applauded for first steps, first words, etc. But these are the milestones that actually matter.
  1. First time decoding the word "stop" on a sign outside the parents' room.
  2. First time retrieving a tissue to wipe the nose of a younger sibling.
  3. First time opening a car door, climbing in, closing car door, and buckling oneself into a car seat.
  4. First time remembering which side is street cleaning in 5 minutes and notifying an adult.
  5. First time accepting food delivery with "thank you, have a good one!" yelled at delivery person.
  6. First time properly identifying the use of truffle oil in a dinner entree.
  7. First time sorting laundry and putting it away with actual success.
  8. First time strategically siding with a parent as a tie-breaker when that parent really needs a sushi vs Thai food argument tiebreaker.