Deep thoughts on the train to Friday Night Pole (dry hands, pointed toes, can't lose!).
  1. The biggest breakthroughs tend to come with significant bruising.
  2. Momentum is more important than strength.
  3. You can make a lot of money, but you might have to do some things you're uncomfortable with.
  4. Sometimes it's necessary to throw your weight around.
  5. The most tender parts of you often prove to be the strongest.
    Oh, hey there, inner elbow skin! You have a great deal of nerve endings.
  6. Fear is natural, but you get stuck when you pay too much attention to it.
  7. A well-timed hair toss makes almost everything better.
  8. Flight only looks effortless.
  9. You can take it seriously without forgetting it's supposed to be beautiful.
    And fun!
  10. There is a strong link between perfectionism and self-hatred.
  11. Everybody thinks it's all about sex.
    And it's not NOT about sex.
  12. It's important to know when to hold on and when to let yourself go.
    And often, how to do both simultaneously.
  13. There are times you'll need a spotter.
  14. Everybody screws up; but the greats know how to incorporate it into their next move.
  15. Progress is usually pretty painful.
    But sometimes you surprise yourself by doing something totally new and amazing, just because you've decided you can today.
  16. Everything is better when you embrace your jiggle. It is how women are made and it's a beautiful thing.
  17. Worry is an unhelpful substitute for practice.
  18. You can only fake your way so far.
    But you can fake your way pretty far! See "Hair Toss," above.
  19. When in doubt, clap it out.