Since I was soooo cool in high school this should be supremely easy
  1. Hung out at the Vestavia and Homewood skate park in my bathing suit
  2. Box colored teenage boys hair at the skatepark.
  3. Various things at the skateparks.
  4. Drugs and alcohol < super cool
  5. Tagging the back of stop signs with inappropriate things.
  6. Skipping school to hang out behind the nursing home on Rocky Ridge.
  7. Stealing wine from CVS👌🏻
  8. Asking crackheads to jump off my car on lakeshore at 4 AM bc I snuck my boyfriend out and left my car half cranked to listen to music. Real cool.
  9. Skipping 3rd period to have an affair with Milos Hamburgers nearly everyday
  10. Calling my math teacher an a$$hole on multiple occasions.
  11. Like I said I was just really cool so the list would be too long.
  12. Other cool things.
  13. Cool shirts.
  14. Coolness.
  15. Do yall think I'm really cool now?