1. All red wine tastes the same.
  2. The Star Wars prequels had a decent plot
    The acting, the dialogue, & Jar Jar were awful. The story itself was well-thought out, & I liked the Force being treated as scientific fact, not space magic.
  3. Clowns are not scary.
    You have a phobia of people in makeup?
  4. I love the Comic Sans font.
    I used to hate it. Then I spent 7 years teaching kids to write and needed a model that looked like handwriting. Now, I find it cute.
  5. "American Pie" by Don McClean is the world's most overrated song.
    "New music is scary and evil! I'm sure the musicians who tragically died in that plane crash would have continued to have the exact same style throughout their careers, had they lived! Mick Jagger is the devil! Get off my lawn!"
  6. Disney's Tsum Tsum toys are not cute.
    They look like legless human hamsters.
  7. I hate the phrase, "it is what it is."
    That describes literally everything.
  8. I don't care if the movie is different from the book.
    They're different forms of media, & I don't expect to watch a carbon copy of my imagination.
  9. Millennials are a hardworking, creative, & resourceful generation, & I'm over people belittling them because they have smartphones and take selfies (the horror!)
  10. Ebooks are better than physical copies.
    Fight me.