It's addictive.
  1. Research at the Smithsonian, fall 2010
    Not strictly a human-free experience, bc archivists and city, but I sublet a place near Logan Sq & every night sat in front of the tv in this sad apt, turning the document jpegs I had taken at the archive that day into bibliographic records, while watching all of Battlestar Galactica on DVDs I rented from what must have been the last video store in Dupont Circle. Eventually I was watching an episode in the mornings, before I went to do research. When the show wrapped up I cried like a baby.
  2. 10-day writer's retreat, Shin Pond, Maine, summer 2011
    This is interior Maine, not seacoast, and totally devoid of people. I drove my sister's car down a mile of rutted track to this lake cabin and then was too scared of hurting the undercarriage to drive it back up. Saw no humans for a week. Read every Sookie Stackhouse book, wrote a dissertation chapter, smoked on the dock at the end of the day. Loons in the evening and rice and beans for every dinner bc who is going to complain.
  3. Housesitting for my parents, New Hampshire, summer 2012
    Our family friends kept inviting me to dinners and I kept declining. "sorry, I can't, I need to lie on the sun porch couch and stare out at the garden and read every Kage Baker book"
  4. Postdoctoral work cubby, Philadelphia, 2012-2014
    I had a postdoc in Phila, and lived in a tiny apartment and went back to see my husband in Ohio once a month. I had two or three friends in town and very few in-person obligations. Work work work, make soup, walk around pretty Chestnut Hill, work. Everybody said "You must be lonely," but I miss that time.