Red Clover is coming at me thru the mail RIGHT NOW and I CAN'T WAIT
  1. Radish
    Nothing like a radish but ok. So fresh so clean
  2. Geranium
    My first Mrs Meyers and a real go-to
  3. Basil
    Yes! The good parts of basil but deepened, so it doesn't smell like pesto
  4. Lemon verbena
    Like lemon but a little more sinister
  5. Lavender
    Again Lady Meyers pulls that strange deepening trick, so a familiar & beloved scent is rendered just a little funkier
  6. Rosemary
    Smells a bit too much like food, but good
  7. Pine (seasonal)
    Was once top-5 but then I used a whole bottle to clean out a freezer after a power outage and it's ruined for me now. Not Pine's fault
  8. Orange Clove (seasonal)
    I half like it, half think it's too much like a craft fair
  9. Honeysuckle
    Pretty good simulacrum of actual honeysuckle, which I love, but it's not sharp enough to smell clean
  10. Peony (limited edition)
    Like honeysuckle, a faithful copy of the source material, but too sweet for my tastes
  11. Parsley
    A fail. Nothing like parsley but not in a good way
  12. Rhubarb
    Nothing like rhubarb; neither here nor there
  13. Sunflower
    Just weirdly floral. I do like the yellow label
  14. Apple
  15. Bluebell
    Cloying as fuck!