Something must be wrong with me, I loved that show so much (SPOILERS)
  1. When that strap-on clatters to the floor, halfway through episode 1
    I swear you could see drops of moisture flying off the rainbow dildo. What a way to introduce us to Nomi & Amanita, like, "You will be watching this couple on this show, and if it makes you uncomfortable, exit to your left"
  2. The DANCING at Kala & Rajan's ill-fated wedding
    They didn't have to go to the trouble, but it did a perfect job of showing us Rajan's appeal
  3. Hernando as "bodyguard," throwing Joaquin out of their apartment
    Everything about Hernando and Lito, especially that flashback scene in the Diego Rivera museum
  4. Any time the three badasses step into the others' bodies to help them fight
    Will: strategy. Wolfgang: brute force. Sun: fluid destruction
  5. Any time the five non-badasses act badass of their own accord
    Capheus especially
  6. Riley's dad and his sixty-something musician buddies eagerly accepting ecstasy from his daughter, then playing the shit out of a Brendel piano concerto
    Anything with Riley's dad, really
  7. Wolfgang shoots a man in the face eight times, turns to Kala: "THAT is why you must marry Rajan"
    Holy shit I ship them so hard