1. Lanolin Nipple Cream
    Not really something that will get you oohs and ahhs but something the new mom is definitely going to need. If you're getting up close and personal throw in some Perineum ice pads and stool softeners.
  2. Boppy
    Not just for feeding the little one. As he grows you can prop him against it. Or use it to rest your laptop on when you work from home post pregnancy.
  3. Muslin Swaddle Blankets
    You really can't have enough of these. My friend even used one of her son's as a scarf.
  4. A variety of bottles
    You don't know which one will work best so if you give several different kinds the new parents can try several.
  5. Homemade items
    The blankets, toys, burp cloths, bibs, artwork, etc. that friends and family made are treasured.
  6. Changing pad liners
    These washable liners go on top of your padded changing table pad so when little one pees/poops/spits up on it you can just change that and not have to worry about having a cold bare pad.
  7. Swing/rocker/bouncy chair
    You're going to want somewhere to put that baby when you need a second. The bouncer chair is great because you can move it around. The swing is great because it puts them to sleep.
  8. Coffee giftcard
    Leaving the house for the first(and second, and third) time after having a baby can be scary. It's easier if you have an easy destination that you can stop in or drive thru. And every new parent needs coffee.
  9. When in doubt stick to the registry