More for my planning needs and grocery shopping but I always have a hard time thinking what to make so maybe it will help inspire you!
  1. Sun-pot roast sandwiches and salad
    Use Friday's leftover roast to make sandwiches. Horseradish mayo.
  2. Mon-crockpot vegetable and sausage soup
  3. Tues- chicken enchiladas suiza
    Need to buy: tortillas, Monterey cheese, bell pepper, diced green chilirs(can) cheddar
  4. Wed-frittata and fruit
    Vented veggies: zucchini?
  5. Thurs- Brussel sprouts and pancetta pasta
    Need: shredded sprouts, diced pancetta, Parmesan, bow tie or small pasta
  6. Friday- homemade pizza