1. They all watched, and loved, Freaks and Geeks
    I have mentioned this show on a list and have seen it on many others. How is it this show was cancelled if everyone loved it so much?
  2. They're intelligent
    Maybe because it takes time to think and write but over Listapp users seem more intelligent than other social medialites. Also, grammar and spelling is usually in point. I guess I need to proof read my own stuff better now.
  3. They're nice
    I haven't seen one fight in the comments section. Probably has something to do with the above comment
  4. They're nostalgic
    Lots of "tbt" going on and it's awesome
  5. They're nerds
    In the best possible way. I'm one too.
  6. They became friends with each other
    Idk maybe lots of users already knew each other but none of my real world friends are on yet. It seems like people are making friends. Can't wait for the first Listapp wedding.