I wish I was like Oprah and this list was classy like "vanilla almond soy organic gluten free candles" and "fair trade sustainable cotton pashmina" but I'm not that cool. Or rich.
  1. Flannel shirts
    Call me Basic (looked that up, thanks urban dictionary!) but I love flannel in fall!
  2. The Rifleman
    Old western TV show staring Chuck Connors.
  3. Sea salt and turbino sugar chocolate covered almonds
    Thanks Trader Joes, 3 almonds per serving is highly satisfying and I never eat these by the handful.
  4. Bubble baths
    Currently listing (hey, is listing the new googling?) from the tub. Here's hoping I don't drop my iPhone. Also, my Aveeno Baby bubble bath is awesome.
  5. Chapstick
    The original. Black wrapper.
  6. Kindle
    I know I'm way behind the times here but the kindle is awesome. I didn't like reading on my iPad because it was so bright, this is a vast improvement. Still prefer a hard copy but the kindle is great when you can't get to the bookstore/library. And that brings me to....
  7. Amazon Prime
    I love free 2 day shipping. Dog food, diapers, diamond rings on Amazon. Okay, maybe not dog food.
  8. Yuengling Ice Cream
    Bet you didn't know they made ice cream. They're not just in the beer business. I might even like it better than Ben and Jerrys.