Cultural shocking myself really badly with Los Angeles first, and then rural eastern North Carolina. *banjo music intensifies*
  1. In-n-out
    Hop off the plane at LAX and we're going straight there. (Animal style everything 👏🏽)
  2. Going for a run alone
    Not a thing for ladiez in the Middle East. Or workout classes at all (coming for you, pop physique.)
  3. Yoga pants in public
    I have NO SHAME.
  4. Brunch
    With bottomless mimosas
  5. Not taking taxis
    And not getting proposed to every time I want to go anywhere
  6. Shops being open before 9am
    Laid back Arab culture means you're not getting anything done before 10am. ANYTHING.
  7. Better church music
    Chris tomlin and hymns from the 1800s are the only thing my church slogs through here. Coming for you, hillsong.
  8. Guacamole
    Nuff said
  9. Bacon