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  1. Lynsey Addario
    Photojournalist with Getty. Photographed women under Taliban rule, rape survivors in DRC, and the latest Gaza conflict (while pregnant!). Kidnapped twice. Jennifer Lawrence is rumored to be attached to her biopic. (I'm skeptical.)
  2. Zaina Erhaim
    Syrian journalist who was working for BBC London but returned to Syria to train citizen journalists. Syria project coordinator for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
  3. Boutaïna Azzabi
    Multimedia journalist based in Turkey. Worked with Al Jazeera. Successfully launched a campaign to have a young Syrian boy reunited with his father after getting stranded in the airport over visa issues. Brilliantly curated public Facebook feed.
  4. Rania Abouzeid
    Formerly with TIME, now independent. Wrote an incredible piece on sex-trafficking in Iraq for the New Yorker. Currently covering Syria; mostly within the country.
  5. Rosie Garthwaite
    British journalist who rolled up to Iraq as a freelancer in 2003, helped the independent English publication "the Baghdad Bulletin." Producer for Al-Jazeera English. Wrote "How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone" which is one of my favorite books, ever.
  6. Zeina Khodr
    Helped launch Al Jazeera English. Worked on the front lines in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Won awards for her kickass coverage of the fall of Tripoli.
  7. Sophia Jones
    Huffington Post Middle East correspondent; currently writing from Afghanistan. Articles in everything from the Atlantic to Foreign Policy.
  8. Marie Colvin
    The queen. Sunday Times Middle East/Foreign Affairs correspondent. Private interview with Libyan dictator Mommar Ghaddhafi. Refused to abandon women and children in East Timor, so the UN evacuated all 1,500 of them. Lost an eye in Sri Lanka; started wearing an eyepatch. She went into the worst, most dangerous war zones. Killed by an IED in Homs, Syria in 2012. Rest in peace.