Bergesh forest + cave hike

Another photo list! Today I hiked in the Bergesh forest in northern Jordan with a few friends. I'm slowly trying to work through the full Jordan trail (from the Syrian border to Aqaba), piece by piece.
  1. Entrance of the cave
    I feel like I've seen a horror movie about this...
  2. Spooky stalactites
    Sadly I didn't get more pictures because I was trying not to die / get separated from the group / get attacked by bats
  3. Isn't the Middle East all sand?
    The northern Jordan valley is very lush!
  4. Sooo greeeeen
  5. Mostly shady hiking
    Thankfully - it was like 36 degrees Celsius!!
  6. Casual Roman ruins
    Just chillin
  7. More ruins
    Ugh we see these all the time nbd
  8. Overlooking the valley
  9. Hiked all the way down...
  10. Casual "I climbed this" photo
  11. Basically sprinted to the bus
  12. And had lunch at our guide's home