Blue Ridge Parkway

I post a lot of bombings and serious stuff, but I promise I do fun things too! Hiking is one of my favorite activities, and Asheville, NC is one of my favorite places. My fam and I went hiking at a couple spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend for my birthday and it was... Amazing.
  1. Near the Asheville Visitors Center
    They had a "banjo through the years" exhibit so I was THRILLED 😍
  2. I'm obsessed with how green everything is in America.
  3. Blue Ridge Parkway, headed toward Craggy Gardens
  4. I see you, poison ivy
  5. My brother drove up from Athens for the weekend
    He's currently curing cancer at UGA but found time to see me two weekends in a row!!! ❤️
  6. ... So we took a bunch of selfies
  7. Mountain roads
  8. It's just so... Blue.
  9. And so green!
  10. Headed toward Crabtree Falls...
  11. Crabtree Falls!
  12. More Crabtree Falls
  13. Mini-waterfall on the hike back
  14. In Little Switzerland, NC
  15. Lil pupper waiting at the door
    Bye mountains! See you soon!