My mother is too good for this world.
  1. Oprah getting fired from her first TV show prompted her move to Chicago, where she became Oprah!
    After a string of failures in college, Mama Watz would retell this story (over and over again) about how what feels like our biggest failure can actually be our biggest opportunity. I have heard this story 1000x and while I once would cut her off (not the Oprah story AGAIN), I now request it. Even in unrelated scenarios. Just because. Mama Watz thinks it's "me being ironic" but I just really love the way she tells it.
  2. Give yourself grace.
    Imposter syndrome is no match for Mama Watz.
  3. "When life gets overwhelming, just remember to laser focus and just... do the next thing. Don't drown in everything that needs to get done, just do the next thing."
    Just going to start pulling direct quotes from her texts.
  4. "It is totally okay to set boundaries."
    Just, yes.
  5. "Yay for the job application process! The very worst thing is they can say no or not respond."
    How is she so positive? How does she just get it?
  6. "Don't try to solve big issues at 11:30pm. Go to bed, think about it more tomorrow."
    Nighttime anxiety is also no match for Mama Watz.
  7. When I was struggling to decide between a few options:
    I don't deserve her 😩❤