✈️ Travel bucket-list ✈️
  1. Afghanistan
    If you know me IRL, you know this is my #1 goal since I was like... Eleven. I was supposed to go in 2014 and obviously some shit went down in the past year and a half. I would love to live/work here for a few years. Coming for you, Kabul.
  2. Saudi Arabia
    Mostly because I hate people telling me I ~can't~ do something, and it's v v hard to get in. However, one of my friends is teaching at a women's college in Jeddah this year, so maybe I can swing it.
  3. New Zealand
    Always wanted to backpack around NZ on my honeymoon. Seeing as it looks like I'll be single forever, gonna peg this as a 30th birthday present-to-myself.
  4. Azerbaijan
    Central Asia is so dope and under-explored. I have family friends in Baku (the capital) so this is the mostly likely of the neighboring -Stan countries. However, they are very not hype on journalists and I am a writer-type-person so... It's questionable.
  5. India
    I have a friend who lives in Kolkata, so that's another easy-in. I think I can trace this back to watching the Darjeeling Limited as an impressionable and angst-filled teen.
  6. Senegal
    My best friend speaks Wolof; I speak (a little) Arabic; we both speak French. She has connections with some theater / performance company in Dakar. We're trying to plan a trip in the spring!
  7. Oman
    This is a popular long-weekend travel destination in the Middle East. All my friends who've been say it's absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Egypt
    The sooner, the better 😏 I'm really interested in the Refugee and Forced Migration Studies masters at the American University of Cairo... So I might be spending a lot of time in Egypt. Also it's my mom's ~dream~ to see the pyramids but my parents are v v scared of the region - but if i was living there, they might just come!
  9. Iceland
    Secret Life of Walter Mitty got me hooked. And also Sigur Røs. This seems like a magical fairytale dreamland. (And I need at least one place on my list that's cold.)
  10. Iraqi Kurdistan
    I actually follow a couple women on Instagram who live in Kurdistan and their photos / experiences they've shared are incredible. One of them is a filmmaker and it would be SO COOL to collaborate with her.
  11. Canada
    I just think it's really weird that I've never made it up to Canada and I need to fix that.