I sorted donations for Mercy Corps for a few hours and was somewhere between disappointed to DISGUSTED with 75% of the stuff that was sent in for donations. Refugees have already escaped fucking daesh; Don't give them stuff meant for the garbage.
  1. Vomit-stained onesie
    Baby clothes can be a little stained. A LITTLE. Picked up a onesie from a bag and there were green splotches all over it in a perfect-puke pattern. WTF. Trash.
  2. Obviously-used Sexy lingerie
    No one wants your weird spaghetti-strap, lace-neck, awkwardly-long sexy silk number. Clothing distribution centers are public and crowded; no one wants to be seen grabbing underwear at all, let alone SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE HAS OBVIOUSLY HAD SEX IN.
  3. Mission trip JESUS RULES shirt
    Why the fuck would someone want to wear your ratty "Church Youth Group 2008 JESUS LOVES HONDURAS" t-shirt? That's weird enough when I see them in donation centers stateside, but when you're in a MUSLIM country with a largely MUSLIM refugee population... Straight in the trash.
  4. Women's shorts
    From tiny hot-pink booty shorts to more frumpy high-waisted light-denim mom shorts... Nothing is acceptable. Even us ~liberal~ expat women don't even show our knees. Who's gonna wear these shorts? No one.
  5. Ratty converse all-stars
    If your shoes have holes in the soles, frayed laces, and are covered in scuff marks... Just throw them out.
  6. Shirts with giant shoulder pads
    Just... Why? Jordan is not the most modern, but it's definitely not 1984 here.
  7. Loose socks
    Why would you donate a bag of used, UNMATCHED, socks? Ew.
  8. Sexy... Kids shirts?
    Had to throw out a couple suggestive children's sized shirts that had silhouettes of sexy ladies or suggestive phrases on them. What? Why is his even a thing in America? Gross.
  9. Stuff with holes, giant stains, rips, falling apart, etc.
    I can't stress this enough: refugees don't need your garbage. Gently used stuff in good condition, period. ((Also, there's an exponentially higher need for medicine, toiletries, and baby care items than clothing. If you want to donate, consider these items first.))
  10. Bonus: this abaya rules
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    This perfect-for-a-Lakers-game velvet abaya, while pretty "out there," is way, way better than all the above stuff. It's culturally appropriate, warm for the awful Jordan winters, on-trend (for here), good quality fabric, clean, and BRIGHT. Bright colors and wild patterns are great here. This is going to get snatched immediately. I loved it. So wild.