1. Got a grownup/dream job
    The week after ListApp went live, I got my first real job as a journalist here in the Middle East. I'm beyond excited - but working 40+ hours and going into an actual office? Whaaaat? How do people do this?
  2. V overwhelmed by "public" ListApp
    There's so many people! So many lists! I can't read them all! Gah!
  3. Stumbled into a relationship
    The sort that makes you want to stare into someone's eyes instead of at a phone screen. Ugh I'm gross.
  4. Stomach bug
    Sickest I've been since I moved to amman... And on my second week on the job? Gotta power through... And collapse as soon as I get home.
  5. Figuring out my brand aka overanalyzing
    Should I post all journalism-y lists? Fun facts about daily life in the Middle East? Political things? Goody silly things? Decisions, decisions... And no lists.
  6. The world keeps blowing up
    Literally. But a busy news schedule makes for a fried brain at the end of the day. All the things I could think about listing were super bummer-y. It's creatively draining to write so much about bombings and terrorists and people being dicks to refugees.
  7. Buuuut enough excuses. I'm back 💁🏽
    Let's get to list-ing.