I'm tipsy at an airport bar in JFK! Li.st is great! Requests are great! Moving on...
  1. Sandalwood
    Top. #1. Pure sex. Sandalwood everything forever.
  2. Jasmine & argeelah smoke
    Jordan, summed up in one messy, shouldn't be beautiful but somehow it is, scent. The hookah smoke is always laymon na3na3 in my memories.
  3. BBQ smoke, freshly cut grass, and the heavy wetness of humidity
    Southern summer in one scent. Smells like home.
  4. Patchouli
    My favorite soap is a sandalwood & patchouli blend. I burned patchouli incense in my college house and I'm always overly worried this will come across as too stereotypically-wannabe-hippie.
  5. Rosemary
    The Watz fam has a giant rosemary bush in our herb garden, and I have fond memories of running out back to snip a few branches to garnish dinner. Once in college, I was gifted a massive bunch of dried rosemary from the owner of Nice Price books. The shop has closed and I know he doesn't remember me, but I always associate the smell of rosemary with kindness.
  6. Crisp, clean, Appalachian mountain air
    My lungs are instantly purified from years of LA smog and Amman smoke.
  7. The cherry-cinnamon sauce in Kabab Karaz
    My favorite fancy Syrian dish. The most delicious, mouth-watering smell.
  8. Burberry Brit
    My go-to perfume for years - I always feel confident, clean, and ready to kick ass when I wear this - like a sexy spy!
  9. Lavender
    Peace in the storm. I don't "do" essential oils, but I always put a drop of lavender on my pulse points when I can't sleep. Smells like peace.
  10. Straight-up, "unscented" Dove soap
    The embodiment of clean. Very few soaps/body washes don't stress out my eczema, but I can count of regular, no-frills Dove. Smells simple, unobtrusive, and functional.
  11. The crook of your person's neck, when you're truly, madly, deeply in love.
    Single AF right now, but it's the white whale of favorite scents. Possibly better than sandalwood, but much rarer.