I started working on this list while going through international customs at Charles De Gaulle and the security officer yelled at me to "stop texting my boyfriend." This is @ChrisK 's fault.
  1. Fiction editor for the New Yorker
    When college applications asked about my career goals, I thought living in NYC and reading short stories all day sounded like ~the dream~
  2. Epidemiologist
    I'm the only person in my family who isn't in the medical field. I find it fascinating, but biology and chemistry... Ugh. Epidemiology is like telling the story of a disease, so that's more my speed.
  3. CIA operative in Afghanistan
    After 9/11 I tried to teach myself Pashto using my parents' crappy dial-up internet. I was going to go over there and talk to people, and talking to people would FIX THINGS, dammit. This dream got shattered recently when I finally accepted that maybe this isn't how foreign policy works.
  4. Appalachian folklore historian
    My people, my state, and gathering stories? Yessss.
  5. Artistic director for a theater company
    The dream in college after I interned with Clubbed Thumb in NYC one summer. Part performing, part business, part PR, and part crafting a vision and a voice for an organization... These are a few of my favorite things.
  6. Beekeeper in an idyllic European town
    While I find myself, and find true love, over the course of a idyllic summer fraught with the memories of a turbulent secret..,
  7. Middle East bureau journalist for a major international news agency
    The real, on-the-path-toward, legitimate career goal.