All these questions I've been asked by friends or strangers in the past week and it's not considered invasive/inappropriate. (I know the U.S. can be a bit hyper-PC, but some of these irk me.)
  1. Your race
    "What are you?" Can be super-offensive in the U.S., but usually the first thing someone asks here. ((Specifically, I get asked if I'm Persian or Italian a lot...))
  2. Your views on Israel/Palestine
    I actually got asked this in an interview for an apartment. (I later found out one of the housemates worked for UNWRA, so it made a little more sense.) Other conflicts (ie Syria) everyone's basically on the same side, but Is/Pal is very complicated and heated here.
  3. If my mother was infertile
    Yeah WTF. I've had a few moms-of-friends inquire or insinuate that because I only have one sibling, something must be medically wrong with my mom. Family planning isn't a thing for most conservative Muslims here.
  4. Your religion
    The second thing that gets asked. Especially during Ramadan, it was useful to know if someone was fasting. Usually, if you're white, people already assume you're a Christian.
  5. How much you paid... For everything.
    Clothes, rent, transportation, etc. I don't know if this is a making-sure-I'm-not-getting-ripped-off thing, or mentally pegging my socioeconomic class? People ask about money even more than in Los Angeles!
  6. Your weight
    And people will call you out of it looks like you've gained weight recently, too. I don't understand the pounds to kilograms conversion, so I just make up numbers.
  7. If you're an alcoholic
    Mention drinking AT ALL, and people will ask if you have a problem / if you drink too much / if you need it to function (all while chain smoking, which is perfectly acceptable)
  8. Why I'm not married at 25
    Sooooo ooooold. Thanks for reminding me that I'm single.