ListApp is finally live, but I never formally introduced myself in the beta. ListAppers old and new, click that "add a suggestion" button and tell us a little something about yourself!
  1. I'm Rebecca and my last name's not Roanoke.
    It's Watson. I moved to Amman, Jordan to be a journalist after the whole becoming-a-LA-superstar got a little boring. Lists about: Syria, cultural confusion, and dating. Irrationally afraid of bridges.
  2. I'm Geoff and my last name's not Roanoke either
    I list about a lot of random things. When I'm being serious it is Shakespeare, space, Buffy the vampire slayer and my lovely family. But usually I'm not being serious and then it is about stuff like Princess Leia's hair and PBS children's television.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  3. I'm Tara and my last name IS Roanoke!
    (Just kidding, but I wanted to change it up). I list about whatever happens to come to mind - serious/life experiences but also things like cute animals and my favorite ways to cook potatoes. I just started grad school so there will probably be a lot more lists coming from me as I procrastinate. Welcome!
    Suggested by @pocketpenguin
  4. I'm Gary, last name is Roanoke but I spell it Buchler. I list a lot about raising my 4 kids as a stay at home dad and any other absurdities life throughs into my head marbles.
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  5. I'm Cameron and my last name isn't Roanoke either for I am easily persuaded! I'm part of the marketing team for Funko, a toy company just north of Seattle. Lists about capes, music, and Etsy finds. Amateur NERF model.
    Suggested by @camerondeuel
  6. I'm Erik, and Roanoke is the name on my fake passport for when I need to disappear off the grid for a while. I'm that crossword puzzle guy. I live in LA now. I try to be very generous with my ★s.
    Suggested by @agard
  7. I'm Ben and I think I visited Roanoke once?
    I run a startup / open source project at that gives people more control over what they publish online. Mostly, I love to write. If someone could pay me for that, I'd be happy. Writers make bank, right?
    Suggested by @benwerd
  8. I'm Olive and my last name is Oliver.
    Suggested by @olive
  9. I'm Roanoke and my last name is Natalie. I preordered Fallout 4 during physics last night while a little tipsy. This feels like an apt description of my life.
    Suggested by @nato
  10. I'm Jamie and I've never visited Roanoke
    I work in digital at the startup Roadie in Atlanta and am trying to work on this whole becoming a better writer thing. ListApp 100% helps 🙏🏻
    Suggested by @jamie
  11. I'm Becca, and I'm pretty sure Roanoke is evidence of an early alien abduction. I'm a former theatre major who 💖 Shakespeare (theatre is how I know @rebeccaroanoke), a current law student focusing on human rights issues, a habit of baking when stressed, and little to no shame about my pop culture consumption.
    Suggested by @Becca
  12. I'm Kyle and I just now started a band called Roanoke (the first single drops in November)
    I'm currently living in Los Angeles as a musician/songwriter, but frequently on the road. I'm fascinated with typography and design, pursuing more global human rights issues, and fixing up an old Honda CB360 in my spare time. Lists from me: observational, situational, and cultural (happily welcomes list suggestions).
    Suggested by @kylecmoore
  13. I'm Sam
    I live in Silverlake in LA and I have two cats and work in education. I list about random encounters/observations, cats and other cliches. People have been known to call me basic.
    Suggested by @sam
  14. I'm Jen and my family arrived at the country on Roanoke Island back in 1585, but I can't tell you more of that story or I'd have to kill you.
    I'm new in town, so I can't tell you much about my listing habits. I'm on maternity leave right now so I'm guessing I'll be more prolific in the next 3.5 weeks than I will be thereafter.
    Suggested by @jenward
  15. Hi my name is Roanoke Roanoke and I'm from Roanoke, Roanoke. For fun I like to Roanoke and hangout with my friends Roanoke and Roanoke!
    Ok that was obnoxious I take jokes too far. I guess that's me in a nutshell😁 but I'm Erin, I post about Star Wars too much and like making things personal. I love you all mucho thanks for letting me be apart of your lives and I hope we all continue to do so!
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  16. I'm "Fats" (long story. Ask @dev about that one). Or see an old list. My last name is Ankeroo which is coincidentally an anagram of Roanoke. Small world. I used to be a competitive Scrabble player I write and produce radio commercials and name products. Ian's do some other stuff. Nice to meet you guys
    Suggested by @fats
  17. Hi, I'm Shaun (is a good way to start)
    I'm recently divorced (Can you still say "recently" if it's been 11 and a half years?*), have a son named Sam and a record collection that is compensating for the lack of alone or even group time with lonely, freckle-faced librarians who are attractive only to me. I am not smart enough to be a part of this app community by about half, so my main goal is to try and bring some of you down to my level, at which time I will awkwardly ask you on a date or make you a mix tape. Or both. *This is false
    Suggested by @WSPR
  18. Hi. My name is Hannah. I'm a college student from the Midwest. I love God, running, traveling and writing. I trip over flat surfaces, eat my body weight in fruit and adore playing Scattergories. Nice to meet you!
    Suggested by @hh12995
  19. My name is Amie and I went to a company picnic in Roanoke once!
    I'm a 30 year old teacher with a hubs and a baby. I like lists. And people. And books. I am a fan of all kinds of weather.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie