As I pack for the big move to D.C. (!!!!!!), I have a couple items strewn across my house that never seem to have a proper "place." What are yours? (Or am I gross slob and everyone else has a place for everything and everything in its place?)
  1. Suitcase of my boyfriend's sweaters
    I took a suitcase of my boyfriend's winter clothes when we met up over Eid, so he'd have more bags to pack for the final move back, but it's been sitting in the center of our "formal living room" for weeks. Where does it go? (Soon to be resolved when we're both in DC!)
  2. Handful of Jordanian dinar
    Useless to keep in my change jar... can't throw out money... ???
  3. Yearbooks
    What is the point? But also I can't throw them out. Marie Kondo would hate me.
  4. Sunglasses
    There is NO GOOD PLACE for them when they're not being worn
  5. Pile of stationery things - paper, stamps, envelopes...
    Also give me your address and I'll write you a card
  6. Piles of things that need to be packed but not quite yet
  7. LSAT books, notes, practice tests
    What if I retake it?!
  8. Rogue Clif Bars
    I swear they're mating in a suitcase and multiplying all over my floor. I don't even like them! Every time I put one in the panty, three more appear!
  9. Out-of-commission laptop.
    Failed on multiple levels about six years ago. I took out the hard drive, and meant to find a place to recycle the rest, but never seem to get around to it. Currently underneath a bunch of clothes in a chair in my bedroom.
    Suggested by @kate_dom