I slept 8pm-2am and 6am-8am. Another exhausted nap is imminent.
  1. The mosque is so loud?!
    How did I sleep through this for a year? I know there's only two call to prayers at night but it feels like there's at least six or seven?!
  2. Why did I agree to work the day after I arrived back?
    I always do this and I'm always miserable. No rest for the wicked. I might nap under my desk.
  3. Hummus is yummus.
    Literally the only thing I've eaten in the past 12 hours.
  4. Turn on the hot water!
    Ah that's right, if I don't turn on the hot water heater 30 minutes before I shower, I will have a freezing cold shower. On the plus side, I'm very awake now.
  5. Is that guy making the jerk-off motion at me?
    He is! Do I remember the Arabic for "fuck off?" I do! Ah, street harassment.
  6. I still have friends!
    I ran into three people I know on my morning walk to the coffeeshop. Even though most of my friends left over the summer, I've still got some phenomenal folks around.
  7. Why are there so many hills?
    The flat plains of eastern North Carolina have spoiled me. I already have multiple blisters.
  8. Traffic???
    Can you not
  9. Why is our office security guard the nicest man ever?
    He greeted me at the door with so much enthusiasm. I can barely speak Arabic so our conversations are limited to two or three sentences. I don't deserve this much kindness.
  10. Everything is beautiful and I want to cry.
    Feels like home.
  11. Am I dying?
    I think I just need coffee.