MSF / Doctors Without Borders works hard to remain neutral, respect guidelines, and report their coordinates to governing bodies. Information gathered from MSF press releases / Al Bawaba news articles. (Let me know if I left any out and I'll update accordingly.)
  1. Aleppo, Syria: April 28
    At least 30 people killed. The ER, OPD, ICU, and operating theater were destroyed. (There is a ceasefire agreement still in effect.)
  2. Idlib, Syria: February 15
    At least ten people killed. Clinic demolished by four rockets. Suspected Russian aircraft.
  3. Saada, Yemen: January 21
    Ministry of Health staff member killed. MSF ambulance service bombed.
  4. Taiz, Yemen: December 2
    Nine wounded. Tented mobile clinic largely damaged. Saudi-coalition led airstrike, despite MSF providing updates coordinates on November 29.
  5. Homs, Syria: November 28
    Seven people killed. Barrel bobs partially destroyed the hospital that served 40,000 people near al Zafarana.
  6. Saada, Yemen: October 26
    Hospital serving 200,000 people destroyed - only active hospital in the Haydan district.
  7. Kunduz, Afghanistan: October 3
    42 people killed. Trauma center destroyed. US airstrike, deemed a "mistake" by the US government.