One of my favorite cities requested by one of my favorite ListAppers? This is the best.
  1. Cupcake cottage
    My senior year, I lived in a bright purple cottage in a bamboo forest on Jones Ferry road. The inside was open with wood-paneled walls. We had a porch for grilling and a pullout couch for our endless guests. I lived with two other theater kids and it was the best lil home.
  2. Cat's Cradle
    Even after living in LA, this is my favorite music venue.
  3. Nice Price books
    RIP? The owner once gave me like a pound of rosemary and my dorm smelled of herbs for months and months. Rosemary makes me think of books.
  4. Parlez-Vous Crepes
    Weekend brunch at the crepe truck was my standard.
  5. Maple View Ice Cream
    Across from weaver street - but this location got shut down. Still the best ice cream I've ever had.
  6. Weaver Street Market circa 2010
    It's a little too cool and shiny now, but it was a crunchy organic food shop/cafe/outdoor lounging area. My first dabble into hipsterdom. (I miss having a co-op number)
  7. Contra Dancing
    I love love love contra dancing.
  8. Wandering on public hiking trails
    I miss public parks and greenery, and carrboro has both in abundance. I spent lots of weekend afternoons meandering around parks.
  9. Open Eye Cafe
    A little industrial and never enough plugs, but one of my favorite places to spread out my books and glower at schoolwork
  10. Orange County Social Club
    Suggested by @whitbraddock
  11. The Station, circa 2009
    Best trivia night in town. I miss it! PS, excuse me for stalking your super old list! I went to UNC, lived in Carrboro after college, and live in Durham now.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
    Every time I fly out of RDU, I make a quick pilgrimage to the Cupcake Cottage. Hi from July 17, 2016.