I'm flying back to Amman tomorrow, making this my... seventh (I think) international flight in twelve months. After lots of trial and error, here's a couple things I have to have on hand (feel free to add - I fly out in about 12 hours so obviously I'm not done packing yet).
  1. List requests
    I have a six hour layover at JFK and would love to work on some lists (and clean out my drafts). Or email me at rebeccaroanoke@gmail.com to say hello! But, moving on...
  2. A stuffed animal
    Mickey rides in the water bottle pocket of my backpack when I travel. No shame. Also people are nicer / weirdos hit on you less because they think you are under 18 and pity you for traveling all alone.
  3. Unread magazines
    I have a kindle for books, but I always associate air travel with magazines (RIP Skymall). Obviously this BEE ISSUE of Modern Farmer has me so excited to fly. 😍😍😍
  4. Eye drops & moisturizer in carry-on
    Airplane air is brutal.
  5. Extra headphones
    In easily accessible pockets. Ditto chargers & converters.
  6. Floss
    Getting something stuck in your teeth while in a closed, confined space with nothing to do except obsess over the awful sensation? In my top 5 most unpleasant sensations.
  7. Two tennis balls & a sock
    I have scoliosis and the sitting-upright-for-hours can range from uncomfortable to full-on spasms. Pop the balls in the sock, tie it, and roll it up and down your back for INSTANT relief. Ahhh.
  8. Super-oversized sweatshirt
    Personal-space tent / less-scratchy than airplane blankets.
  9. A hat & red lipstick
    A teeny-tiny bit of glam, just because.
  10. lip balm
    Suggested by @katrinacullingworth
  11. A small handkerchief with my favorite cologne
    Sounds silly, but flying anywhere you encounter people with really no care about their hygiene. So either I spray a small piece of my sleeve or a handkerchief and that way it can provide relief when it gets overwhelming. Bonus to sleep with either close to you. Safe flight!
    Suggested by @GavMaLav
  12. I like to bring my own water bottle and a small tin of mints. Keep it fresh!
    Suggested by @Friendlyman
  13. Water bottle. Squirt a little on your face before you moisturizer to lock in suppleness.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  14. Texture App on my iPad
    For $15 a month, you get access to tons of magazines — from the highbrow stuff to the stuff you don't want anyone to know you read. It's like having a whole magazine store at your fingertips. I LOVE it.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  15. Anti-bacterial wipes
    I swear I'm not a germaphobe, but planes are cesspools. First thing, I wipe down the tray, the arm rests, the remote control, and the window if I'm next to it. Then I stop being a crazy lady and chill out.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  16. Carry a phone charger pack, download the movie you always wanted to see, and a bag of sweets you can "gift" the flight attendants. They usually appreciate the gift and will look out for you with extra ice cream or other upgrades.
    Suggested by @texx85
  17. A onesie with a hoodie. Awesome for long flights & great to sleep in no sudden gusts of cold air as its all warm & self-contained. More than once I've decided to keep it on after landing and camouflage it with a knee length coat, makeup on my face and boots to distract from the fact that I am wearing a RED onesie.
    Suggested by @JanetOganah