Thanks for the suggestion! My routine fluctuates a lot, because my shifts can start anywhere between 7am - 2pm. But here's the basic rundown for a typical 9-5 day...
  1. 7:40 - wake up
    Current alarm: Sea of love by The National.
  2. 7:40:05 - check news
    Did anything explode overnight? If so, text breaking news group chat and immediately do a quick write-up. If not, scroll through Instagram / Facebook to see LA friends' evening shenanigans.
  3. 7:50 - breakfast
    As much water as I can drink, and typically granola, yogurt, and a banana. Eggs if I'm feeling ambitious. Leftover pizza if I'm feeling gross.
  4. 8:00 - wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, general panic, get dressed
    I am a night-shower person, but I'm still experimenting with face routines to tackle my eczema and milia (typically what helps one condition exacerbates the other). I am typically half-dressed and half-hair-done and running around without pants until the very last minute.
  5. 8:30 - walk to the mosque to get a taxi
    Wave at the falafel stand guy. Internally moan about the 5-minute walk being straight uphill. (Note: my corner mosque is now a pokestop!)
  6. 8:45 - roll up to the office
    Chat with the security guard, even though I barely understand Egyptian. Sometimes he has sweet pastries that he gives to everyone, because he's the best.
  7. 8:50 - check email, Twitter feeds
    I like to be up-to-speed on everything before the start of my shift.
  8. 9:05 - second breakfast
    There's a very specific coffee hierarchy in Middle East offices. I get my Arabic coffee in my specific mug. I also keep peanut butter and rice crackers at the office - originally because my roommate was allergic to peanut butter so I couldn't have it at home, but now I like the morning protein boost.
  9. 9:10 - get down to business
    Start reading and writing, emailing translators, the usual! And that's my morning!