🐷 I want a farm in the middle of a major city and I want dozens of tiny pigs. Please contribute suggestions.
  1. Hamlet
    The prince
  2. Hambert Hambert
    Any Nabokov fans out there?
  3. Hamuel L. Jacksham
    Double pun!
  4. Porktrucio
    Shakespeare rulez
  5. Piggy Smalls / Notorious P.I.G.
  6. Porker Posey
  7. Kenny Hoggins
  8. Sir Francis Bacon
  9. Lindsey Loham
  10. Clay Bacon
  11. Piggy Azaela
  12. Piggs-Boson
  13. Hams Solo
  14. Bacon bits
    Suggested by   @mallofamanda
  15. Kevin Bacon, Tom Selloink
    Suggested by   @jessicaevekennedy
  16. Piggy Stardust
    What a magical pig ✨
    Suggested by   @jessicaevekennedy
  17. Pigmalion
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  18. Rumpled Pigskin
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  19. Captain Hamerica
    Suggested by   @nelle
  20. Kristen Piig
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  21. Sir Hamcelot
    Suggested by   @p
  22. Lady Antebacon
    Suggested by   @jessicaevekennedy
  23. Alexander HAMilton
    Suggested by   @messily
  24. oinko boinko
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  25. Hamry Kissinger
    Suggested by   @christinakc
  26. Hamela Lee Anderson
    Suggested by   @andlamb