Been hopping between North Carolina and Washington D.C. for a month and discovered the Carolinian train that goes from Charlotte to NYC.
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    Hit the sweet spot - faster than both car and plane
    Car ride from my hometown: Seven hours. Flying? Two hour drive from my hometown to the airport, two hours of check in and waiting, two(ish) hours of flying: Six-ish hours. Train travel, plus the drive to the station: Five hours
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    Surprisingly cheap!
    One-way Amtrak is like $68 for this route. Paying for gas while driving or an airplane ticket - way more expensive.
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    So much leg room
    And huge seats!
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    Reliable in-seat chargers
    I've flown AirFrance too often 😒
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    Reliable wifi
    See above
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    So much stuff
    I can bring two LARGE carry-ons, and two large personal items. So much stuff - and all of my liquids can be regular sized.
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    People are genuinely friendly?
    People are more talkative and upbeat than any flight I've ever been on
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    Decent food
    All about that café car.
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    More time to say goodbye
    Mama Watz is very sentimental, so she loves hanging out until I'm boarding.
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    The actual announcement: "As a reminder, please do not urinate on the floor of the restroom."