I'm moving back (for good!) on Wednesday - first to NC to see my family, and then D.C. as soon as I find a job. But uh, moving is the worst.
  1. Pruning my worldly belongings back down to three suitcases
    How have I amassed so much stuff? How is none of it business professional clothes? What will I wear if I ever get a real job?
  2. My computer has decided to stop recognizing wifi hardware
    It's on the very brink of dying, but can it just survive four more work days? Please?
  3. Finances
    Checking an extra bag, any overstay fees, eating at CDG (merde), lol I don't even want to think about rent in D.C.
  4. Moving. And job hunting. And LSAT studying.
    One would be bad enough.
  5. Loooong distance for 2+ months
  6. Falling out with a former roommate right before
    Three of us moved out on the 15th after discovering one roommate skimming money from our rent/utilities, so I half-packed and am living between two friends' places