I am moving to Jordan and people are the worst.
  1. Isn't that like... Dangerous?
  2. I can speak Arabic too! Falafel! Hummus!
  3. Are you going to ride a camel to school?
  4. Omg how can you leave LA? I would literally die if I left LA for three months.
  5. You're too pretty for a hijab. You'd have to wear a niqab or a burqa to keep the guys off of you.
  6. Can't you just study Arabic at USC or something?
  7. Are you in the CIA?
  8. You are definitely going to get kidnapped.
  9. Do they have Internet over there?
  10. Burj Khalifa is in Dubai? Omg he's like my favorite rapper.
    I think you mean Wiz Khalifa?
  11. Are you going to fight ISIS?
  12. When you get tired of trying to save the world, you should come down to my villa in Turkey and we can hang.
  13. What are you doing with your life?
  14. Bring me back good shisha for hookah nights
    Suggested by @Debby