No political opinions here - it's just weird how not-weird life is today.
  1. Very angry grandma
    My mom messaged me, quite distraught, because my grandma called her ~freaking out~ first thing in the morning
  2. How safe do I feel?
    Last weekend I was camping in the eastern desert, pretty close to the intersection of Jordan-Iraq-Syria borders. I'm on a couple security-update text message chains. Business as usual in Jordan.
  3. Amman =/= Homs
    Homs, where the airstrikes went down, is in central Syria and several hours away from Amman. (A recent Syria-bound missile from Israel did fall within the Jordanian border, but still several hours north of me.)
  4. Broke my news-fast
    I've actually been (intentionally) not-too-connected the past few months, so now I'm scrolling through my news sources and catching up on the lead-up to the chemical attacks.
  5. Plans for today
    Confirm to all extended family that I'm not in any danger, do laundry, study for the LSAT