This is my first list in two months! I promise I'll get to all my back-logged requests and post some cool stuff again!
  1. A text conversation
    I ~have~ to have a clear "okay I'm going to do this now" or "great / we're confirmed / I will see you then / etc." Dangling conversation threads left on a forever "..." Stress me out way too much.
  2. Cleaning dishes
    My sink runneth over with plates or it's totally spotless. There is no in-between.
  3. A bag of werther's originals
    Crunch crunch crunch crunch... Aaaand they're gone.
  4. The tea our assistant brings me at work
    Our coffee/tea guy gets offended if you don't finish your drink. He also brings a new glass of whatever the moment you finish. The week I was sick, I think he somehow got me to drink six glasses of mint tea daily.
  5. Biting my nails
    If there's a hangnail or a catch or imperfection, I can't just let the jagged shred hang there!
  6. A TV series once I've started it
    I suffered through all ten episodes of Shannara Chronicles recently because I got in too deep after the first two episodes.
  7. Checking my closets
    A minor pre-sleep ritual: open and shut all three closets, check behind the curtains, check under the bed. Why? Idk, safety? If I get interrupted, I have to start over.